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Architetto Silvio De Ponte

Silvio De Ponte

“In my work there is always a common thread that connects all the projects we develop, from Architecture to Interior design, from Product design to Lighting: the relationships between light and matter guide the language and the idea of the project, producing new scenarios and new sensorial experiences”.

Silvio De Ponte

Traveler, designer and innovator, Silvio De Pontestudies and creates design solutions pervaded by stylistic freedom and compositional sobriety that give strength and visibility to the project and its client.

Interactive, Involving, Sensorial, Emotional, Fluid and Functional: this is the language and working method that distinguishes Silvio De Ponte‘s architectural projects and creations.

For our work, the project must always have a meaning and a narrative that tells our design idea, our story:

  • MAESTRY……….. are the values in which we base our roots.

The commitment to research and experimentation of MATERIALS, their relationship and interaction with LIGHTand SURFACES, the identification of new LANGUAGESand TENDENCYand the innovation of DESIGNand TECHNOLOGY in general, are the main values of Silvio De Ponte’s planning and creative methodology, whose workranges from large architectural projects to Interior Design, from Light Design to Industrial Design, from Art Direction to Corporate Identity for companies.

A brief outline of his cultural and research activity

(to find out about his complete cultural and professional activity, just download his CV).

Silvio De Ponte, architect and lighting designer, is the founder of De Ponte Studio Architecs with headquarters in Milan.

He graduated in Architecture in Florence, where he teaches as a Researcher at the Department of Architectural Technology and Building Production Processes and Methods.

After graduating in architecture, he worked for several years in the theatre as a set designer, collaborating with various international companies and numerous directors, including Giorgio Strehler and Bob Wilson. During this experience, which lasted 6 years, he acquired a knowledge and skilful use of light, which he transfers to his current work as an architect and designer in his architectural and interior projects.

In 1990 he attended the Domus Academy in Milan where he took the International Master in Urban Scenography with Andrea Branzi.

From 1991 to 1995 he worked with Pierluigi Cerri at Gregotti Associati in Milan, where he was responsible for the interior design area.

From 1995 to 2010 he was a consultant for the Milan Triennale where he was curator and designer of important thematic exhibitions, including:“Cento forme della luce: Italia, 1945-200”, “Lucio Fontana, La Triennale, La Luce”, on the occasion of Lucio Fontana’s centenary,Oltre il Villaggio Globale”, Il Giardino delle Cose – La Vita tra Cose e Natura, “, XVIII International Exhibition “Il Progetto e la sfida ambientale”.

Member of the Scientific Committee of the Fondazione Stefano Zecchi and of AISBE, International Academy of the Science of Beauty.

Member of the scientific and editorial board of the magazine Luce&Design where he writes articles and essays on the relationship between light and architectural space

Since 2018 he has been the General Manager of Circolo delle Imprese, a network association of 5,200 companies from different sectors and disciplines. He coordinates and generates initiatives for the exchange of relationships and business in Architecture and Design in general.

During the Milan Design Week it takes part in highly visible “Fuori Salone” events with its own installations and light scenographies in dedicated areas such as SuperstudioPiù in the Tortona, Porta Nuova and Ventura Lambrate areas.

Its methodology is set up with an interdisciplinary orientation and contamination of genres and languages. His work in the theatre and in staging, events and advertising launches have given him the know-how to transform this into a design methodology aimed at providing the visitor/public with a particularly active and engaging experience.

This approach identifies Silvio De Ponte as one of the leading experts in EXPERIENTIAL MARKETING.

Silvio De Ponte’s work is based on the link and exchange between professional activity, research work and experimentation which is also expressed through teaching at the most prestigious Italian Universities and International Schools, through Conferences, Lectures and Workshops at international universities, cultural realities of excellence and highly prestigious companies.

He carries out research, applied to design, on the relationship between man and space with reference to his sensory perceptions: tactile surfaces, olfactory pathways, sound spaces and light modulation are all main tools of Silvio De Ponte’s creativity.

Fundamental importance in his work is given to research and in-depth design and methodology on materials, on the relationship between architectural space, light, colour and matter– with the aim of defining new scenarios of living space, from interior design to industrial products.

Many works of Silvio De Ponte have been published in important and prestigious international and national architecture and interior design magazines.

Silvio De Ponte has been mentioned and interviewed on international TV about his work and design philosophy, participating in live broadcasts on national TV and satellite showing his work and discussing the future of design.

He is currently a professor at the European Institute of Design – Department of Interior and Product Design and at the Italian Design Institute. He holds workshops and lectures on behalf of the Milan Polytechnic, the Domus Academy and NABA – New Academy of Fine Arts in Milan. He has been teaching for several years at the Politecnico di Milano – where he was responsible for the Department of Light and Colour and at the Faculty of Architecture La Sapienza in Rome for the Industrial Design Course.

According to a concept of Global Design, he designs in Italy and abroad Public Works, Theatres, Hotels, Offices, Showrooms, Exhibitionsand Events, Residences and Product design, Corporate Identity.

He has designed lighting for architecture and urban spaces, interiors and Design Products for important Italian and foreign companies.

Together with the publication of numerous projects in Italian and international magazines and books, he works as an editor for some Italian architecture and design magazines.


In 1991 he collaborated with arch. Ettore Sottsass.

In 1994 collaboration with arch. Philippe Starck

From 1995 to 2001 he’s Art Director for Coima Image (Coima Srl)

From 1998 to 2003 collaboration with the Gregotti Associati architectural firm.

From 2000 to 2006 collaboration with Centro Stile Fiat.

From 2005 to 2007 collaboration with arch. Andrea Branzi

From 2013 to 2016 collaboration with Centro Stile Ferrari

From 2010 to 2018 collaboration with Coima and Hines SGR for the interventions in the Porta Nuova and Bosco Verticale areas in Milan.

Throughout his training and professional career, arch. Silvio De Ponte has gained particular visibility thanks to the international recognition of his works.


2018 and 2019
Honorable Mention for “Gran Design Etico” with the project of 2 lighting products he designed for Italian companies.

Winner of International Competition for the renovation and extension of the new Museum of Cultures in Sofia, Bulgaria.

Winner of International Competition for the Master Plan “First Alley” in Varna on the Black Sea, Bulgaria.

First prize for the best exhibition architecture project for the Fiat brand at the International Motor Show in Geneva, Switzerland.

First prize as best exhibition design for the Alfa Romeo brand at the Bologna Motor Show, Italy.


From 2012 to 2021 he is Professor at the European Institute of Design in Milan (IED) and at the Italian Design Institute (IDI), where since 2017 he is Honorary Member.

From 1997 to 2017 he is Visiting Professor at Politecnico di Milano, Naba – Nuova Accademia delle Belle Arti in Milan and Domus Academy in Milan.

From 2002 to 2014 he is Professor at Domus Academy where he is in charge of several Masters and Lessons on the themes of Light and the relationship between Matter, Surfaces and Space.

From 2001 to 2011 he is contract Professor for the Degree Course in Industrial Design, Degree Address 2nd and 3rd year, at La Sapienza University of Rome.

From 2002 to 2004he was Professor and General Coordinator of the Light Design – Light and Colour Course for the Degree Course in Industrial Design at the Polytechnic of Milan, in the field of Light Design and Lighting Technology.

He holds lectures and workshops at prestigious university institutions and important companies in Italy and abroad, such as Philips Eindhoven, the Centre of Culture in Mumbai, the University of Architecture in Sofia and Pecha Kucha, Sofia, the Lighting Academy Targetti, 3M Italia, Osram and others.


He writes and has written articles, about Industrial Design and the importance of Light for the perception of space and its environmental qualities, on magazines such as:

  • Light
  • Luce&Design
  • Casa&Giardino
  • Allestire
  • Code
  • Modo
  • Interni
  • IQD
  • Paysage
  • Casa Vogue
  • Casa Viva
  • Abitare
  • Interni
  • L’Arca
  • L’Informatore
  • Gente e Territorio.

Participation in the drafting of the books Le Ricette dei Designer 1 and 2 | Edizione Compositori, Bologna.

Publishes the book “Architetture di Luce – Luminoso e sublime notturno nelle discipline progettuali e di produzione estetica”, Gangemi Editore, Rome, which is presented at the Palazzo della Triennale in Milan and at the Valle Giulia site at the La Sapienza University of Rome, Faculty of Architecture.

The book “Involucri | Quando la Luce incontra la Materia” is currently being edited.


Press Conference with Prof. Stefano Zecchi, Beatrice Mosca and Vittorio Sgarbi for the exhibition “Il Viaggio Meraviglioso tra Scienza e Filosofia” – Museo Muse (Trento)

Webinar conference on “Urban Regeneration”, Regional Law 26 November 2019 n°18.
Participates as “Testimonial” in several webinars with Moscow where he told about his project methodology and presented the latest projects in progress.

Conference entitled “Siamo noi la Sostenibilità” at the Riccardo Catella Foundation, Milan.

Since 2017, he has been General Manager and Head of Public Image at Circolo delle Imprese.

From 2017to 2019he was Chairman of Rotary’s Public Image, PR and Communications Committee.

2013-2018 he is in the Editorial Board of the magazine Luce&Design | Edizioni Tecniche Nuove Milano.

2017 – 2018 – 2019
Visiting professor at the Italian Design Institute where he held conferences entitled: “Functional, Scenographic and Emotional Aspects in the lighting of Architectural and Theatrical spaces”.

Visiting professor at the Royal Academy of Shenzeen (China) where he gave a lecture entitled: “The Italian design Culture and the Italian Life Style”.

Speaker at the international event “New garden for the City Life” for the magazine PAYSAGE, speech entitled: “The Landscape Design in Tourism”, Sun _ Fiera di Rimini.

2015 and 2016
Visiting professor at the lighting company Italamp where he curates the workshop PROGETTARE LA LUCE: Il ruolo della luce nel progetto degli interni > Dallo Spazio al Prodotto“. The role of the lighting designer in the design of the light space and the light product inserted in this space..
Speaker at the “Summit Horeca”, Il Sole24 Ore, Milan, Italy.

Conference presentation of the exhibition “Ieri, Oggi, Domani” at Palazzo Garzanti in Milan, during the Fashion Week.
Press presentation of the new interactive table TTOUCH, Viterbo.
Press conference for the presentation of the project “Spiga Smart Street”, Hotel Baglioni, Milan.

Speaker at the Conferences of the exhibition event “Good Design Hotel”: “Going Green: green ideas to renew the Hotel between Design, Sustainability and Energy Saving” / “Le Case dell’Arte Contemporanea: come Arte e Ospitalità interagiscono e rappresentano nuove opportunità per l’Hotel” _ Rimini Fiere.

Speaker, on the theme of new forms of Sustainability at Pecha Kucha, Sofia, Bulgaria.
Speaker on the theme of living spaces live on Interni Megazine.
Speaker “Quale Design per il Futuro“, Domus Academy_Milan.

Visiting Professor at Domus Academy and Naba where he held several lectures and conferences on his own works, as well as on the relationship between Spaceand Light.

Speaker in international conferences in Sofia (Bulgaria) on the theme of the interrelation between Light and Colour in architectural projects.

Nest_ Nido” Event for the International Furniture Fair of Milan, SuperstudioPiù | Spazio La Perla, interviews and various reports in newspapers, international megazines.
Lo Spazio della Percezione” _ DWI – Design Week Istanbul, Turchia.
Participation as a speaker at Epex, “The Excellence of the made in Italy“, London, UK.
Live interview on RaiUno in the programme “Uno Mattina” and on Sky, on the relationship between Fashion and Design.

Lecture at the event “Vetrina Italiana” organized by the Italian Indo Chamber of Mumbai, entitled “The Italian Design as a Total Design Experience“, Mumbai_India.
Lecture at BalRec_ Balkan Real Estate Conference Towards a New Vision of Architecture | Market of Real Values, Kempinski Zografski, Sofia, Bulgaria.

Professor at Domus Academy with the Master in Design “The Big Light“, Milan.
Speaker at the Conference “Art and the City“, Sofia and Plovdiv, Bulgaria.
Speaker at the international meeting of Architecture & Design “The New Good Design: Matter and Sustainability”. Moscow, Russia.
Workshop “Design and Sustainability” at the Faculty of Industrial Design La Sapienza, Rome.

Creator and organizer of the international conference, under the patronage of the Order of Architects and Engineers,Light as Architecture of Life, Naples.

Curator of the workshopVision of the Future, held at the Philips Design Centre in Eindhoven with designers and consultants from Philips.

Curator of a cycle of conferences in Italy organized by the Associazione Nazionale Produttori di Illuminazione (ASSIL) with the patronage of the Ordine degli Architetti e Ingegneri, in collaboration with AIDI and IMQ, entitledI Padiglioni della Luce (Naples, Bari, Florence, Trieste, Catania).

Lecturer at the Polytechnic of Milan, Faculty of Architecture, with Andrea Branzi, in the course of Furnishing.
Speaker at the conference on the theme Beyond the Global Village – New technologies and new media, at the Palazzo della Triennale in Milan, under the patronage of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers.

Speaker at the seminar “Ipotesi Marchiondi“, organised by the Department of Culture of the Municipality of Milan, on the theme of Light Workshops and Representation of the project in Architecture.

Contract Professor for the course in Industrial Design – Morphology of the Components of Architecture, Faculty of Architecture of the University of RomeLa Sapienza, Academic Year 1994/95

Curator of seminars in the course of Interior Design and Architecture, Faculty of Architecture of Naples, Federico II.


Speaker at the refresher course Building Management organised by the company COIMA. The Management of Buildings and Real Estate: Technical, Organisational and Economic Issues. Designing the building management manual. Department of Industrial Design and Architecture Technology, Polytechnic of Milan.

From 1998 to 2012 he was Artistic Director for important companies in the field of technical and decorative lighting for exteriors and interiors.


Setting up of the Exhibition “Il Nuovo Prometeo – Tra Scienza e Filosofia”, at MUSE, the new Science Museum of Trento, curated by Prof. Stefano Zecchi.

EU’Vend & Coffeena | Vending Exhibition Event, Cologne, Germany.

La Casa Sostenibile | cultural exhibition project for Fuori Salone del Mobile di Milano, at Superstudio13, Milan.

Connessioni, Design Week – Fuori Salone, Porta Nuova, Milan.
Lost in Traslation, Domus Academy, Salone del Mobile, Milan and Istanbul Design Week, Istanbul, Turkey.

Involucri | Superfici Emozionali tra Tatto_Luce e Materia, Fuori Salone Milano Design Week event, Ventura XV, Milan.

Exhibition event in via della Spiga “Ieri, Oggi, Domani”, on the occasion of Milan Fashion Week, commissioned by Associazione Amici di via della Spiga in Milan.

Fragments | Between Surfaces, Light and Matter, Temporary Museum of New Design_SuperstudioPiù, Salone del Mobile, Milan.

“New garden for the City Life” Event, Sun _ Fiera di Rimini.
Nest_Nido” Event for Salone Internazionale del Mobile di Milano, SuperstudioPiù | Spazio La Perla, interviews and various reports in newspapers, international megazines.

ION and l’Orto Verticale, presentation of the 100% electric car produced by Peugeot, Milan.
OleaSpa | Concept Design for an innovative Spa, Rimini. Light Tree, House of Energy, Milan.
Light Tree, Casa dell’Energia, Milano.

Light Around, Museo nazionale della Scienza e della Tecnologia Leonardo da Vinci, Led Festival Internazionale della Luce, Milano.
Epex, “The Excellence of the made in Italy”, London, UK.
SensoReal”, cultural exhibition project for Fuori Salone del Mobile di Milano, at the showroom La Perla_SuperstudioPiù_zona Tortona, Milan.

Elastic Dreams | La Perla_Lycra, photographic exhibition at La Rinascente, Milan.
Curator of the exhibition “Milano a Colori“, art event organized by Centro Culturale CLM, Milan.
The Essential Room_Pop Art Resort (a reflection between Artifice and Nature), Sia Guest Rimini.

Il Segno dei Designer”, Triennale Design Museum, Milano.
Sensory Room” al Good Design Hotel, Sia Guest Rimini.
Participation in the book Le Ricette dei Designer | Edizione Compositori, Bologna.
Skin. Emotional Surface, a Touch of Extended Light”, “cultural exhibition project for the Fuori Salone del Mobile in Milan, at the showroom La Perla_SuperstudioPiù_zona Tortona, Milan.
Da Nido a Guscio, event at Sun | Salone Internazionale dell’esterno, with a project of a completely recyclable lighting product, Rimini.

The world between Car and Fashion, promoted by Audi, on the occasion of the Milan Fashion Days, Fiera di Milano.
Master Bed Room| for Vetrina Italiana, promoted by the Indo Italian Chamber of Mumbai, Mumbai, India.

Bathness, Il Bagno tra Sensi e Sensualità, Host_Fiera di Milano.

In Between_the Luxury collection between minimalism and maximalism, Fuori Salone event on the occasion of the Salone del Mobile di Milano _ spazio P4, Milano.
First “Bea” International Award, Best Event Award, as best European architectural and communication project.

The New Italian Dream, Real Building, Tokyo.

Package _ Promoted by Conai and Polidesign (Politecnico di Milano), Città della Scienza, Bagnoli, Naples.

Light e-motion _ Domus Academy, Euroluce Salone del Mobile, Milano.

Cento forme della luce: Italia, 1945-200”, Palazzo della Triennale di Milano.

Lucio Fontana, La Triennale, La Luce, Lucio Fontana centenary, Palazzo della Triennale, Milano.
Habitat e Identità, Arezzo, Centro Affari.
Il Dolce Stil Novo della Casa, for Pitti Immagine, in collaboration with Andrea Branzi, Firenze, Palazzo Strozzi.

Architettura e Natura, Mole Antonelliana, Torino.

Oltre il Villaggio Globale, Palazzo della Triennale, Milano.

Mobili Italiani | Le varie età dei Linguaggi, 1961_1991, exhibition promoted by Cosmit, in collaboration with Pierluigi Cerri, Milan, Palazzo della Triennale.

Il Giardino delle Cose | La Vita tra Cose e Natura, XVIII^ Esposizione Internazionale Il Progetto e la sfida ambientale, , in collaboration with Polidesign, Palazzo della Triennale, Milan.

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